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Resources and Documents

  TODN South Avenue Redevelopment Plan
  East Third and Richmond Redevelopment Plan
Plainfield Avenue Redevelopment Plan
TODD West Redevelopment Plan 
Final Muhlenberg Redevelopment Plan 5-5-17
Revised Preliminary Investigation for a Determination of
Area in Need of Redevelopment
In Need of Redev Study Block 611 Lots 1 & 2-7-18-16
MC 2010-36 Revising 197 Scattered Property Plan
2017 Roadway Improvement Program
TODN -North Avenue Redevelopment Plan
East 2nd Street Area Investigation Final
TODD West In Need of Redevelopment Study.
South Second Street Redevelopment Plan.
Information for Attending/Participating in a Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting.
Read The Land Use Ordinance of the City of Plainfield
LUO Public Notices- Sidewalks,driveways
LUO Public Notices- Permitted Decks -4-1-15
LUO Public Notices- Pools-tenniscourts
LUO Public Notices - Front Yard Porches
5/31/15 10 Best Things About America
Article in Parade Magazine
LUO Public Notices- Accessory Structures
Muhlenberg Hospital Study Letter
Muhlenberg Hospital Study Final Report
South Avenue Gateway Redevelopment Plan
Fourth Amended 197 Property Redevelopment Plan

Public Bulletins

Permitted Front Yard Fences - Through our review of hundreds of fence applications, the Planning Division has recognized that many residential property owners are unaware of the Land Use Ordinance’s provisions for front yard fences. City of Plainfield standards permit 4’ high fences in front yards. In addition, fences must be at least 50% open. Chain-link fences, of any height, are not permitted in any front yard.