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The mission of the Plainfield Fire Division is to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Plainfield from natural and manmade hazards and acute medical emergencies through prevention, education and active intervention. Plainfield Fire Division is made up of men and women with diverse cultural backgrounds, each who have taken the oath to protect and serve the citizens of Plainfield. The Plainfield Firefighters work closely with the residents and businesses through fire prevention and safety education programs to make their city as safe as possible.

The Fire Prevention Division promotes public safety by administering fire codes and standards, conducting regular building inspections, and providing prompt detection and enforced compliance of code violations.

Bureaus within the Fire Division

Operations - Deputy Chief Courtney
Fire Code Enforcement/Prevention/Deputy Michael McCue
Personnel - Deputy Chief Courtney
Training - Deputy Chief Courtney
Maintenance - Deputy Michael McCue
Safety & Compliance - Deputy Chief Courtney
Technology - Deputy Michael McCue