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City Yard

City of Plainfield

The Department of Public Works provides a quality environment for the City of Plainfield and ensures that the City's roadways, streets and bridge infrastructure are safe, clean, and attractive.

Street Lighting

The Department of Public Works maintains the City owned electric lights as well as streetlights within city limits, which require specific maintenance. If you notice a streetlight that is out or any other problems with street lighting units, please let us know!

Snow Operations

It also ensures public safety by responding to weather-related emergencies such as flooding, snow and ice storms, and other emergencies.

Street Cleaning Program

Daily, from April through November, City-owned mechanical sweepers maintain (weather permitting) over 207 curb miles of posted streets Citywide. The department is committed to the 7 day a week, year round sweeping of streets in the Downtown area.

Street Tree Information

The Department of Public Works is committed to a policy of maintaining and expanding a diverse population of street trees as an essential component of the suburban life. Benefits include:

  • Increased real estate values - Improved air quality
  • Improved psychological well-being - Improved aesthetic environment
  • Decreased noise - Reduced Energy Costs

Leaf Collection

The City of Plainfield Department of Public Works strives to make it as easy as possible for City residents to dispose of fallen leaves during fall and winter months. We offer city residents at least 8 curbside pickups per year. Please download the pickup schedule available in the downloads section of the website.

Vehicle Maintenance

The Department of Public Works maintains public buildings as well as the City’s fleet of vehicles and motorized equipment. The department provides maintenance, construction and repair service for City-owned public buildings including those operated by the Fire Department, Parks and Recreation and the Police Department.

Pothole Repair Program

Uses over 350 tons of hot and cold patching asphalt roducts to repair and maintain potholes throughout the city of Plainfield. The Division of Public Works performs pothole repairs on all City maintained roadways. To report a pothole, please call our hotline (908-753-3427).