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Plainfield Vision 2025 - A Call to Action

City of Plainfield

The City of Plainfield is a unique, diverse and vibrant community. Ensconced in the heart of Union County in New Jersey it has a deep and storied history. Plainfield like every other city across America has weathered changes brought about by recessions, economic shifts, legislative changes, etc. While the world will never stop changing and evolving, it is important that the city charts a vision for its future to enable planned growth; this will ensure that the necessary community resources and services are available to allow the city to manage its changes while providing for its residents effectively.

Mayor Adrian Mapp has created the Plainfield Vision 2025 Committee and tasked them with identifying the vision that Plainfield residents have for the city in the year 2025. The results of this endeavor will be the development of a Plainfield Roadmap that will help guide our municipal government, boards, and commissions, business and development partners toward the future. This roadmap will ultimately being corporate into plans of the city government to ensure that the efforts of the administration align with the goals of Plainfield and its residents.

What is Plainfield Vision 2025?

Plainfield Vision 2025 is an opportunity for the community to share what their vision of Plainfield would be in the year 2025 so that the current and future administrations can keep this in mind as they work towards a unified vision for the community.

Who should participate in Plainfield Vision 2025 activities?

ALL residents, business owners, property owners and stakeholders of Plainfield should be involved in the Plainfield Vision 2025 project. It is important to hear from diverse voices in our community, regardless of background, socioeconomic position, address or the length of time residing in Plainfield. Your ideas for how Plainfield can chart its future is important.

How can you share your ideas for the Plainfield of the future?

The Plainfield Vision 2025 committee will be collecting your ideas in various ways throughout the process; these will include:

• In person listening sessions to hear your ideas as well as the goals that you have for Plainfield. These sessions will be held at various locations throughout the city and will be focused on one or two topics, allowing for greater discussion for each area of concentration and more time for individuals to speak regarding those issues most important to them. Meeting dates, locations and topics are listed below.

• An online survey is being created for residents to share their opinions on those topics that are important to them for the future of Plainfield as well as an opportunity to share your ideas for specific areas of interest.

• Contact the Plainfield Vision 2025 Committee via email and share your opinions, ideas, and vision for Plainfield at the email address:

The Plainfield Vision 2025 Committee will be asking for input from all residents, citizens, business owners, churches and other non-governmental organizations through community listening sessions, online surveys and e-mail. The committee has created key areas of focus for the roadmap – these include:

Public Safety
o Crime prevention, safety, fire protection and natural disaster preparedness and responsiveness.

Health, Human & Social Needs
o Community access to public health services, senior citizen support and health, outdoor spaces and general recreation.

Economic Development & Vibrancy
o Creation of new economic development projects, attracting new businesses and industries - helping existing business thrive within the community and fostering destination opportunities for neighboring communities to visit and spend money in Plainfield. 

Workforce Development & Adult Learning
o Creation and support of local jobs, access to workforce training and continuing education opportunities (i.e., English as a Second Language).

Childhood & Youth Education
o Improving local educational system, which reflects the diversity of our local youth, to provide a quality education that will provide the necessary foundation for continuing education and ability to successfully enter the job force. 

Community Arts & Culture
o Development, encouragement and continued growth of Plainfield-based cultural organizations, programs, and activities for those involved in the arts and those with a passion for art and culture.

Municipal Government & Essential Services Performance
o Efficient, productive and responsive services for Plainfield residents. Inclusive of all municipal services as well as independent agencies and corporations,  including but not limited to, PMUA, NJ Transit, New Jersey American Water and PSE&G.

Connecting Community
o Creating a culture which breaks down barriers and shares community expertise across multiple dimensions such as socioeconomic, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation,  gender identity and political affiliation. The goal is to celebrate our rich diversity and connect community groups and assets for the strengthening of Plainfield. 

City of Plainfield