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Audit & Control


In accordance with the Municipal Code, the Division of Audit and Control is responsible for the following:

  • Develop, maintain, and enforce a uniform system of accounts including forms, standards, and procedures for all Departments.
  • Maintain and operate the City's central accounting records in accordance with sound accounting principles. 
  • Establish and maintain controls over all receipts and disbursements of the City Government. 
  • Control all expenditures of the City to assure that budget appropriations are not exceeded and maintain such books and records to provide an appropriation ledger under an encumbrance system of accounting. 
  • Pre-audit all bills, claims and demands against the City as to conformity to the City budget, the City Charter, local ordinances. State law and authorize disbursement of those that conform.
  • Prepare and submit monthly to the Mayor and City Council report of revenues, report of appropriations, listing of paid claims. 
  • Prepare all disbursements.  
  • Establish and maintain an Internal audit program for all city Departments and Federal and State Aid programs.
  • Sell and award City bonds and notes and act as registrar for all the registering of City bonds and notes. 
  • Maintain and operate accounting records for all Federal. State, and private funds under contracts of funds appropriated or advanced to the city in accordance with sound accounting principles and in accordance with contractual agreements.