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Division of Health:  Health Education

health Education

To identify health educational needs and develop structured health education programs in accordance with the community health needs. To create a public awareness of health needs in promoting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle; and to educate and provide resources that will contribute in building a healthy community.

  • Conducting educational lectures on Cardiovascular Diseases, HIV/ AIDS, Diabetes, Hypertension, Nutrition and Exercise, all components on Cancers, Exercise and Fitness, Communicable Diseases, and Alcohol/Drug Abuse and Injury Control. 
  • Provide workshops to schools/churches. 
  • Prepare and distribute health related literatures. 
  • Coordinate preventive screenings, health fairs to city employees and residents of Plainfield. 
  • Assist other agencies in coordinating health preventive health fairs to Plainfield residents. 
  • Audit Plainfield schools to prevent epidemics and the number of outbreaks and yearly causes of vaccine preventable diseases; and to ensure that every child enrolled in daycare and school are up-to-date with their vaccines.

Health And Social Services