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Plainfield Solid Waste & Sewer Utility

Garbage and Recycling Services

The PSWSU Solid Waste Division is responsible for the collection, transport, and disposal of garbage and recyclables generated from residential, commercial, and municipal properties, in accordance with state and federal laws. Our refuse collection services include standard household garbage, bulky waste, and recyclable materials including cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum.

The Utility Division also ensures the proper disposal of all waste dropped off at the Plainfield Transfer Station, also known as the Plainfield Environmental Resource Center (PERC). These materials include recyclable, electronic, bulky, and vegetative wastes from local residents, the Department of Public Works, private businesses, and other municipalities. 

Residential Waste Collection

PSWSU’s residential solid waste collection service includes twice-per-week garbage and once-per-week (alternating materials) recycling pickup for single-family up to nine-family properties. Individual containers (carts or dumpsters) are provided to each property to identify and assist with proper source separation of household garbage and recyclable waste.  Please call PSWSU at 908-226-2518 for residential waste disposal rules.

Per the PSWSU Rules & Regulations, residential customers requesting replacement or additional carts will be assessed a charge of $60.00 per cart.

Commercial Waste Collection

PSWSU’s contract-based Commercial (High Density) Waste Collection service includes garbage and/or* recycling pick-up for the following types of properties:

  • Residential properties with 10 units or more
  • Businesses
  • Mixed-use buildings

Collection schedules for high-density properties are customized to suit the needs of the property. Containers are provided to identify and assist with proper source separation of household garbage and recyclable waste.  Want an estimate for your commercial property?  Contact PSWSU at 908-226-2518.