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Waste Disposal

The following materials should not be discarded with your regular garbage or recyclables. Check below, and use our Waste Disposal Guide or the Recycle Coach “What Goes Where” tool for information on the proper disposal of these types of waste. 

electronics-300x156Electronic Waste (E-Waste) should NOT be discarded with recycling or regular garbage. Plainfield residents or property owners (only) may bring E-waste items to the PERC/Transfer Station for disposal free of charge.*
*Disposal terms and charges may be subject to change. Please call in advance to confirm the current program details.*

  • TVs
  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • E-Readers
  • Printers
  • Copy Machines
  • Fax Machines
  • Maximum 2 electronic items per day, per person allowed for drop-off.
  • PSWSU reserves the right to limit E-Waste drop-off once capacity is reached.

Commercial customers are not allowed to dispose of E-Waste at the transfer station. If you are not a Plainfield property owner or resident, or you have E-Waste that is not accepted at our facility, check the Union County recycling page or use the Recycle Coach app to find other disposal locations and events.

The following items are considered bulk waste and should not be discarded with your recycling OR regular trash:canstockphoto3913675-300x200
  • Furniture
  • Tires
  • Beds & mattresses
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Air conditioners
  • Strollers
  • Laundry baskets
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Lawnmowers
  • Hardcover books, etc

Bulky waste is collected by appointment only (scheduled by the property owner) on a first come first serve basis. For more info about our bulk waste disposal services, please call PSWSU at 908-226-2518.

Hazardous Waste may NOT be disposed of in your recycle or garbage container(s). Here are examples of Hazardous Waste that should NOT be discarded with recycling or trash:
  • Aerosol cans
  • Wet and/or latex paint
  • Fluorescent bulbs (compact & standard)
  • Syringes
  • School lab waste
  • Household special waste
  • Used motor oil & spent filters
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Propane tanks
  • Medication
  • Helium tanks
For info on disposing of Hazardous Waste materials, or for a Guide to Household Battery Management, visit the Union County Recycle Collection website or call the Bureau of Recycling & Planning at 908-654-9890, or the Recycling Event Hotline at 908-654-9889.

The City of Plainfield Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for the collection of leaves, branches, etc. For a schedule and more information, contact the local Plainfield DPW at (908) 753-3427.
Vegetative Waste Drop-off at PERC
Vegetative waste is accepted at the PERC/Transfer Station. Seasonal leaf drop-off is also offered at no charge to Plainfield residents.