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Firearms Unit



Applicants applying for Firearms Purchaser Identification Cards, Replacement ID Cards, Change of Address or Name on ID Cards, Permits to Purchase Handguns, or Concealed Cary Permits.

Applicants can help us in the processing of their applications by reading the following information to avoid making errors or omitting a required step that the applicant must take to complete the application process. Errors and omissions by applicants will require extra time to address by our investigators and additional waiting time before your application is approved. Some errors cannot be corrected by our investigators and will require the applicant to file a new application.

Applicants are advised that this application is an official government document. Providing incomplete and incorrect information will cause your application to be delayed. Providing false information will result in the denial of your application and possible criminal penalties (N.J.S. 2C:39-10c). Applicants with questions or other concerns can email the Firearms Unit at

Plainfield Police Firearms Investigators cannot change any information on your application with one exception: If you have entered incorrect emails or other information for your references, the police department investigators can correct that information on the FARS site and resend the emails to your references. Corrections to email addresses or contact information for references can be sent to the Firearms Unit using the form on this page. Your application confirmation number must be included in the email requesting the corrections.

F.I.D. cards and handgun purchase permits will be issued to City of Plainfield residents only. You must provide proof of residency; the best means is with a New Jersey driver’s license with a current Plainfield address. You must be 18 years old for an F.I.D. card and 21 years old for handgun purchase permits. F.I.D. cards do not expire unless you change your name/sex/address. Handgun purchase permits are valid for 180 days from the date of issuance. Only one handgun can be purchased in 30 days.

Fingerprints must be completed specifically for firearms application purposes through a private vendor called IdentoGO. Police agencies do not conduct fingerprinting for firearms applications. Fingerprints completed for any other purpose do not apply to a firearms application.

For application appointments and questions, call or e-mail:
• Lt. Christopher Sylvester @ 908-753-3066
• Sgt. Troy Alston @ 908-753-3027

Application for Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit
• Visit – complete the online S.T.S. 033 form; the ORI number for City of Plainfield is NJ0201200.
Applications for Concealed Carry Permits
• Visit - complete the online form; the ORI number for City of Plainfield is NJ0201200.
• Civilian Carry Assessment and Range Evaluation
• Once your application is completed, you will automatically receive a form to complete your fingerprints with IdentoGO. To schedule a fingerprinting appointment, visit – enter service code 2F164B and complete the application to schedule fingerprinting with IdentoGO. Retain all receipts and paperwork about your fingerprinting.

• Firearm fees have increased. Fees are now: $25 per permit. $50 Initial firearm identification card. $150 Carry permit + $50 to be paid online through NJ FARS, along with $18 for the state's service fees.
• These fees are set by NJ Statute and not by the City Of Plainfield.
• For firearms regulations, visit 
• For FARS Forms, visit
• For FARS FAQS, visit
All fees are nonrefundable once submitted