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Special Needs Registry

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The Plainfield Police Department and other emergency responders in the City offer a registration program for families of residents with special needs and specialized medical requirements or equipment. This registration lets first responders know the unique circumstances when responding to emergencies involving these individuals.

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For Residents with Special Needs:
Plainfield Police Department's registration program is open to residents with various conditions, such as developmental disabilities, autism, dementia, or other conditions that might hinder effective communication with officers. By registering these individuals, you provide essential information to first responders, enabling them to know what to expect and whom to contact in emergencies. This ensures a more informed and appropriate response from the emergency services.

Residents with Specialized Medical Needs or Equipment:
Residents with special medical needs or equipment in their homes can also benefit from registering with the Plainfield Police Department. By doing so, they provide crucial information about their medical conditions and equipment, which is essential during severe weather events and power outages. First responders can access this pertinent information, ensuring they can provide the necessary attention and support in emergencies, especially when traditional medical services might be affected. This registration system helps enhance the safety and well-being of those with special medical requirements during challenging situations.

How to Register a Family Member or Equipment:
Families or individuals interested in registering for this program are asked to fill out the provided registration form. The information collected will be stored securely at the Police Department and made readily available to responding personnel during emergencies. This allows first responders to understand the resident's unique needs and the medical equipment needed.

When residents cannot communicate with officers or have been reported missing, the Police can review the submitted information and photos to facilitate a swift reunion. This valuable data enables the Police to take appropriate actions and ensure the safety and well-being of those registered in the program.

Please note that this program is entirely voluntary, and all information is kept confidential.