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Division of Signal


Division of Signal

Under the umbrella of the Department of Public Works, the Signal Division holds traffic signals as its highest priority. In order to keep traffic moving smoothly in the city. Signal Division technicians are on hand to ensure that the traffic signals are functioning correctly.

Street Lighting
Our highly skilled technicians maintain the city-owned electric lights as well as overhead streetlights within city limits, which require specific maintenance.

To Report a Street Light Outage
Please call (908) 753-3409

When possible, provide the utility pole number. It is attached to the pole on the metal strip. If it is not possible, provide the nearest property address, as this will ensure the quickest repair time.

Your request will be forwarded to public service, and a work order will be generated.
Repairs generally take 5-7 business repairs.

Traffic Controllers/Regulators Signs
Provide routine maintenance to over 53 traffic controllers and over 212 stanchions.
Provide routine repairs/replacements to stop signs and regulator signs.