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Proclamation Request

The Office of the Mayor will issue proclamations for certain events and personal accomplishments deserving of recognition or to increase awareness of significant issues of importance in the City of Plainfield. 

  • All requests are encouraged to be submitted via the web form below
  • Requests must be made to Mayor’s Office 2-4 weeks in advance of the date needed to ensure the timely issuance
If requesting the Mayor to present at an event, please provide the date, time, and location (Subject to the Mayor’s availability)

If recognizing a person, please provide an attachment with a BIO detailing their life history, education, contributions, and accomplishments.

If recognizing an organization, please provide an attachment with a mission statement, contributions, and accomplishments.

Should you have any questions regarding the form, please contact the Office of the Mayor at 908-753-3310.

Proclamation Request Form

If requesting Mayor to present at an event, please fill out the following information