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Deadline Extended  for Grant Program for Non-Profit Organizations

The City of Plainfield Social Services Offers A Grant Program for Non-Profit Organizations
The purpose of the City's nonprofit pilot grant program is to strengthen the City's coordination with nonprofit partners and to ensure opportunities for local funds be leveraged most effectively for services that assist vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals and families in meeting critical needs for safety, health, security, and independence.
The City of Plainfield prioritizes investment in high-quality social services that provide documented and positive outcomes for City residents. Areas of Need Organizations interested in applying to receive funds from the City of Plainfield must provide a program or service impacting one or more of the Areas of Need established by Mayor Adrian O. Mapp in consultation with the Department of Health & Social Services.
The Four Areas of Need are:
 Prevention and Self-Sufficiency: Services focused on assisting individuals and families in becoming and/or remaining independent and stable and providing tools, skills, strategies, and resources to individuals and families.
 Crisis Intervention and Diversion: Services provided to individuals and families in crisis help overcome immediate problems and reduce or prevent the need for more restrictive and expensive higher-level services.
 Long-term Support: Services that focus on assisting individuals with continued long-term support needed to remain healthy, safe, and independent in the community.
 Improved Quality of Social Services: Services and opportunities provided to individuals, organizations, and communities that enhance the quality, accessibility, accountability, and coordination of services offered by community organizations.

Deadline to submit application is now October 1, 2021 at 4:00pm.

CLICK HERE  for application and additional information