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New Jersey State Cycling Championships

2017 New Jersey State Cycling Championships Returns to Plainfield

Date: Sunday, May 7, 2017 | Time: 8am-5pm

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp is proud to once again host the 2017 New Jersey State Cycling Championships. This is the second year that the City of Plainfield will be the venue for this exciting competition. This event presents a great opportunity to expose our children and residents to the sport of cycling. Race categories include children through Adult Beginner and Amateur, Elite, and Professional groups. There will be a free bike giveaway and races for children on the day of the event. A cycling safety workshop for children and beginners starts at 10am. Additionally, there will be many fun activities for the entire family - For more information call (908) 226-2509

Renown gold medalists Olympian Bobby Lee will be competing alongside athletes from New Jersey, the U.S., and other countries. We will also have an opportunity to celebrate Plainfield’s diversity and enjoy incredible food from our local businesses at the Taste of Plainfield on 5th Street by Plainfield City Hall.

The New Jersey State Championship bicycle race course will run from the front of Plainfield City Hall (515 Watchung Avenue) proceed northbound, turning left onto 100 block of East Second Street. The riders will then travel westbound and turn left onto Park Avenue. They will continue traveling southbound on Park Avenue, turning left onto the 100 block of East Seventh Street. They then will travel eastbound and make their final turn onto the 600 block of Watchung Avenue, until they reach the finish line in front of Plainfield City Hall.

If you are a Cyclist and would like to enter the race – Register here


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Race Course Map


Street Closures:

  1. West 2nd, West 5th, and West 6th Street at Central Avenue (eastbound traffic).
  2. West 5th, West 6th, and West 7th Streets at Arlington Avenue (eastbound traffic).
  3. West 2nd, West 5th, West 6th, and West 7th Streets at Park Avenue (eastbound traffic).
  4. West 5th, West 6th, and West 7th Streets at Cleveland Avenue (eastbound traffic).
  5. West 4th and West 7th Street at Cleveland Avenue (westbound).
  6. East 2nd, East 3rd Street, East 4th, and East 7th Streets at Watchung Avenue (westbound traffic).
  7. North Avenue at Watchung Avenue
  8. Depot Park at Park Avenue
  9. East 2nd, East 3rd, and East 4th Streets at Roosevelt Avenue (westbound traffic).
  10. East 2nd and East 3rd Street at Richmond Street (westbound traffic)

Event Parking (See Map):

  1. City Hall Parking Lot
  2. Union County College Parking Lot (Roosevelt & East 3rd Street)
  3. Union County College Parking Lot (200 block of Church Street)
  4. 200 block of Church Street (between East 2nd Street and East 3rd Street)
  5. City of Plainfield Lot 10 (Overflow Parking)

For More information call: 908-226-2509