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I am Plainfield is an oral history project that invites residents of all ages to share their Plainfield experience via social media by recording a short video and uploading it to your Facebook, Twitter, lnstagram and YouTube accounts under the hashtag #IAMPLAINFIELD.

IMPORTANT: You must use the hashtag #IAMPLAINFIELD with your video in order for us to view and collect your submission.

The project is part of the Plainfield 150th Anniversary Celebration and will reflect the yearlong celebration throughout 2019.

You do not have to be a professional videographer to participate. You just need a smartphone or webcam and an internet connection. I Am Plainfield is a great family project-the youth will have the opportunity to ask older generations about their experiences in Plainfield.

Tell us what living in Plainfield has meant to you. Share your family history, favorite memories of growing up here, the best Plainfield vacation experience or the changes you have witnessed in Plainfield throughout the years. We want to hear from you!


Select a Topic

Is the video about your personal experience as a Plainfielder? About someone in your family, community, or someone else?

Choose a Storyteller

It may be you, other members of your family, your friends, business associates- anyone.

Begin the video with Introductions

Everyone involved should provide their name and place of residence. You may even include your ward.

Record the Story

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Why do you live in Plainfield?
  • What does it mean to be a Plainfielder?
  • What makes Plainfield unique to you?
  • What are your favorite memories or stories about Plainfield?
  • How have you seen your life in Plainfield change throughout the years?
  • What is your favorite place in Plainfield and why?
  • Did you graduate from Plainfield High School? If so what year?

Remember: upload the video to your preferred social media platform with the hashtag #IAMPLAINFIELD.

Please close your video by saying your name and the catchphrase "I Am Plainfield". For example, "My name is Chris, and I Am Plainfield!

Don't worry about editing. We want this collection to be as inclusive as possible, so the most important thing is that we hear from you.


  1. Videos can be as short as one minute but we recommend no longer than three minutes to tell your story. However, a shorter video has a better chance of more views.

  2. As you record, ambient noise can be problematic, so select your location carefully.

  3. Do not record in a public place.

  4. Avoid kitchens as they tend to create an echo effect. Rooms with carpeting and curtains help absorb sound.

  5. If using a smartphone or tablet, film horizontally to make it look best while uploading.

  6. Keep the camera at eye level of the person being interviewed.

  7. Watch out for bright lights or distractions as these can interrupt the video.