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Inspections Division & Code Enforcement


Inspections Division Objective
The objective of the Division of Inspections is to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all the residents of the City of Plainfield through the enforcement of the Property Maintenance and Zoning ordinances in addition to the State Uniform Construction Code.

The Inspections Department performs daily patrols of the City to monitor residential and commercial properties for code violations such as litter, tall grass, overgrown vegetation, unregistered vehicles, and poorly maintained structures, including abandoned properties. Construction work being done without required permits is also monitored. The Inspections Department also administers a comprehensive program for the licensing of rental properties in addition to the transfer of property sales. Our rigorous Property Maintenance Code helps uphold community standards which serve to enhance property values while providing safe and sanitary living conditions, making the City of Plainfield a desirable place to live! 

For all inquiries, please contact Inspections at 908-753-3386.

Division of Inspections Permits & Information