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Love Plainfield Garden and Landscaping Competition

Love Plainfield Garden & Landscaping Competition

In 2021 the Love Plainfield initiative introduced the Garden and Landscaping Competition to the residents of the Queen City. We are pleased to announce that the Garden and Landscaping Competition will run from May 15 - June 16, 2023 in the following categories:
1. Landscaping (entire sections of yard, including but not limited to trees, shrubbery, etc.)
2. Full gardens (flowers and produce gardens are accepted)
3. Small gardens (balconies, porches, etc.)
4. Community gardens
Please note that professional landscapers are prohibited from entry. 
Judging Criteria
Love Plainfield Garden & Landscaping Flyers
REGISTER HERE: 2023 Plainfield Garden And Landscaping Competition Survey
For any questions or to request additional information please send an email to

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