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City Council

Councilwoman First WardAshley

Ashley Davis (D)
109 East 4th Street Apt # 7
Cell: 908-297-8766
Committees: Health & Social Services Committee (CHAIR), Police Committee, Fire Committee, Cable TV Advisory Committee,  Plainfield Municipal Utility Authority, Plainfield Board of Education (ALT), Plainfield Central District Management Corporation (ALT)

Elected 11-06-18, General Election, 4 -Year Term Ending 12-31-2022

seanmcCouncilman Second Ward
Sean McKenna (D) 
1402 South Ave. #401
Cell: 908-346-3126
Committees:  Police Committee (CHAIR), Fire Committee, Shade Tree Commission, Union County Community Development Revenue Sharing (ALT), Plainfield Municipal Utility Authority (ALT), Department of Public Works 

Elected 11-05-19  General Election 4- Year Term Ending 12-31-2023

downloadVice President & Councilman-At-Large First and Fourth Wards
Barry N. Goode (D)
935 Melrose Place 
Cell: 908-295-2486
Committees: Fire Committee (CHAIR), Finance Committee, Health & Social Services Committee,  Green Brook Flood Control Commission, Plainfield Housing Authority, Department of Public Works Committee, Cable TV Advisory Committee (ALT)

Elected 11-05-19, General Election 4 -Year Term Ending 12-31-2023

Steve-G-HockadayPresident & Councilman-At-Large
Steve G. Hockaday (D)
317 Monroe Avenue
Cell: 908-872-0553
Committees: Communications and Technology Committee (CHAIR), Economic Development Committee, Finance Committee, Plainfield Board of Education, Plainfield Planning Board (ALT), Green Brook Flood Control Commission (ALT), Plainfield Housing Authority (ALT), 

Elected 11-03-20, General Election 4 -Year Term Ending 12-31-2024

Joylette-Mills-RansomeCouncilwoman-At-Large Second and Third Wards
Joylette Mills-Ransome (D)
701 Stelle Avenue
Cell: 908-524-9540
Committees: Economic Development Committee (CHAIR), Health & Social Services Committee, Communications and Technology Committee, Mayor’s Citizen Advisory Board, Plainfield Central District Management Corporation, Shade Tree Commission (ALT)

Elected 11-06-18, General Election, 4-Year Term Ending 12-31-2022

Charles-McRaeCouncilman Third Ward
Charles McRae (D)
1228 Hazel Avenue
Cell: 908-208-0217
Committees: Finance Committee (CHAIR), Economic Development Committee, Communications and Technology Committee, Plainfield Planning Board, Mayor’s Citizen Advisory Committee (ALT)

Elected 11-03-20, General Election 4 -Year Term Ending 12-31-2024

Councilwoman Fourth WardStacey Welch
Stacey Welch (D)
514 Church Place
Cell: 908-346-1694
Committees:  Department of Public Works Committee (CHAIR), Union County Community Development Revenue Sharing Committee, Police Committee

Elected Appointed to Fill Unexpired Four Year Term Ending December 31, 2021.